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The Desire Pearl spa invites you to enjoy our unique, couples-only refuge, featuring sweet smelling teak wood, granite floors and tall, red-brick ceilings, all designed to stimulate your senses while harmonizing your mind and body. Our spa boasts six spacious treatment rooms that have been carefully decorated to provide an intimate space to relax & soothe your soul. For your maximum enjoyment we are proud to offer a Couples Suite with a private lounge and Jacuzzi terrace, taking your spa experience to a whole new level. With a selection of different essential oils and aromas we invite you to enjoy a fabulous facial, a soothing treatment, a relaxing massage, or one of our signature couple encounters, each of which ensure a sensual and unique experience beyond compare.

Additional spa amenities include; a traditional sauna, steam room, Swiss shower, cold plunge pool and a large warm whirlpool; as well as a waiting area where a healthy variety of organic tea and bottled water are served.

Complementing our Zen-like oasis of relaxation we invite you to enjoy Yoga, Pilates, stretching and meditation sessions all performed under our property’s picturesque Palapa. And for a wonderful workout, our gym offers modern fitness equipment that will inspire you to keep in shape.

Indulge in the world of relaxation… a deliciously erotic experience!


A soft and relaxing massage, using a Swedish technique, will transport you to a state of total relaxation. This massage helps activate blood circulation and eliminates toxins by using long, rhythmic movements.

A deep tissue massage that helps balance the nervous system by relieving muscular stress. Both physical and mental stress is liberated, blood circulation is improved and joint immobility and muscular stress will disappear.

Experience the pleasure of this relaxing massage where soft, hot stones are administered to contracted, stressed muscles. This therapy helps to relieve fatigue and balances your chakras, working on your body’s main energy areas.

A wonderful combination of plants and a relaxing massage, helping to activate blood circulation and eliminate toxins from your body.

Essential oils are used to balance the spirit when absorbed through the skin or nose, acting on various systems of the body. This massage is a soothing, equilibrating massage that helps blood circulation.

A therapy that stimulates certain reflex points on the feet, which correspond to the nerve endings of various vital organs in the body. It has both activating and therapeutic effects.

A massage that focuses on relieving the stress and muscular pain in the neck, shoulders and back, improving problems such as stiffness and fatigue.

Share this delicious experience with your couple in the warmth of a sensual environment. Through soft touch, essential oils combine the sense of smell and touch, easing both physical and mental tension. 50 unforgettable minutes to reactivate your internal passion, recommended for couples only.

Body Treatments

A sensuous exfoliating cream formulated with essential oils, herbs and coconut to refresh the skin while eliminating dead skin cells. This treatment helps revive a healthy glow in the skin by energizing and activating blood circulation.

• NUN: Coffee, Guarana and Green Tea.
• VENUS: Mandarin, Lime & Orange.
• ALEPH: Prickly Pear & Blue Agave.

A pampering procedure consisting of: an exfoliation with aromatic salts, Talaso therapy, and a fantastic combination of marine algae and natural herbs. Your skin will look and feel tighter due to the enriching, mineralizing oils that act on the tissues, leaving behind a healthy body and skin.

A combination of exfoliation and the body wrap, using volcanic mud. This combination helps activate circulation and mineralizes the skin, also helping to eliminate dead skin cells and toxins that cause cellulite.

Facial Treatments

DEEP CLEANSING FACIAL | (For all skin types)
This beauty treatment is an exfoliation and extraction treatment that gets rid of the impurities that affect the smoothness and beauty of the skin. It is followed by the application of product that oxygenates and cleanses the skin, encoring the preservation and regeneration of the epidermis.

After our cleansing treatment, experience the wonderful sensation of an energizing and detoxifying massage. It is meant to restore energy and vitality to weary skin, helping to eliminate stress and signs of premature aging.

A European treatment designed to nourish, oxygenate and revitalize the skin. The use of oxygen concentrates will give the appearance of youth and beauty.
Nourish with an oxygenizing mask and finish off with a spectacular massage.

A moisturizing treatment using collagen and an activity mask which will leave your skin looking healthier and younger.

This is a unisex extra concentrated anti-wrinkle procedure. It contains 4% Syn Ake Gel (snake venom) that is suitable for all skin types, including young or oily skin. Syn Ake Gel is the most efficient and cutting edge skin care product to remove wrinkles.

Special Packages

CLEANSING PACKAGE Duration: 2:00 hours
Includes: Deep cleansing facial
Body exfoliation
Relaxing massage (25 minutes)

Includes: Cell regeneration facial
Mud body wrap
Hot stone massage (50 minutes)

CHOCOLATE PACKAGE Duration: 2.5 hours
Includes: Chocolate body exfoliation
Chocolate body treatment
Chocolate massage


Includes: A Jacuzzi for two, fruits of the season and the drink of your preference.
This is an erotic experience that will heighten your senses. With seductive aromas and essences that come from exotic lands such as Brazil, Asia and Africa, you will embark on a journey to explore your secret fantasies and desires with your couple.

The Fantasy Menu

Deliciously Erotic

What is the fantasy like?
Have you ever dreamed of being smothered in delicious chocolate? Or is one of your fantasies to lick chocolate and whipped cream off your partner’s sexy body? Well, look no further and bring your fantasy to life! Now Desire Resorts will have everything ready to put more savor to those intimate moments with your partner and turn them into a deliciously erotic rendezvous that will blow your mind away. What it includes: We will provide you with liquid chocolate, strawberries, fruit skewers and whipped cream.

Private Play Room

What is the fantasy like?
Spend the most deliciously erotic moments of your life in your own private Play Room. Invite your closest friends or the sexiest couple that you want to have a naughty affair with. Featuring the most sensuous music and lighting, you will be seduced in every corner. This is the room where you will have all your desires fulfilled! What it includes: We have thought of everything and we will appoint a special room to perfectly fit up to 4 couples so that you can have it all. We will provide you with a “Love Bed”, a swing, a sensual kit, sparkling wine, strawberries and chocolate. Please order 24 hrs in advance.

Shake it

What is the fantasy like?
Shake those attributes you’re so proud of! Learn how to move your body as sensually as possible with our private pole dance lessons! It’s true, now you can take advantage of our certified pole dance instructor and acquire the skills you didn’t even know that you had. Then later, in an intimate rendezvous with your partner, show off your new moves and seduce him like never before. Where it can take place: If that’s your desire, we will set up your own “club” in the comfort and privacy of a room that we will appoint for the occasion or you can make this fantasy come to life in our disco. It’s totally up to you!

The Terrace of Passion for Dinner and Sex

What is the fantasy like?
Enjoy the most private, delicious and erotic dinner at our unique, terrace where you will be accompanied by the sounds of ocean waves, the moonlight and the sea breeze. The perfect setting to let your passion run wild. As the natural backdrop of palm trees, and the quiet Caribbean Sea will heighten your senses, you will be seduced in every moment. What it includes: You can expect to have your palate delighted with a 4-course meal and the wine or champagne of your choice, but it won´t be just about a succulent dinner. With the most sensual music, it will help to set the perfect mood to later enjoy the most unbelievable dessert! We will make your fantasy of having an erotic time with your partner in an outdoor paradise come true, providing you with a “Love Bed”, chocolate, strawberries or the sweets of your preference. Where it can take place: We will appoint our Terrace Aphrodite to make it perfect for the occasion. Take this fantasy of yours to another level and turn tonight into the most deliciously erotic experience. You can be certain it will be private, discreet and deliciously erotic!

Erotic Massage

What is the fantasy like?
With gentle, soft and enticing caresses over all your skin, our erotic massage will give you that pleasurable opportunity to reconnect with your partner in ways that go beyond your imagination. Once this delicious massage has taken you to ecstasy, enjoy priceless moments with your partner in the jacuzzi, a perfect occasion to rekindle the passion that you won’t easily forget! What it includes: Our special couples massage, our Kamasutra Desire kit with edible oils, feathers, aromatic candles, sex toys of your choice, Jacuzzi time, sparkling wine and hors d’oeuvre. (optional) Where it can take place: In the spa.

Seductive and Exciting

What is the fantasy like?
Are you celebrating a special occasion like a birthday or just feeling like trying something different to get you and your partner or group in the mood? Look no further! Our finest strippers will do the trick. What a better way to spend the night than sipping your favorite drink and being well taken care of by our sexiest crew! Let us turn this night into one you will not want to forget!

What it includes: 1 Male or female stripper + Sparkling wine

Where it can take place: Your bedroom.

You can have more than 1 stripper if you so desire, paying an extra charge of $150 per additional stripper.

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