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nude bar
With flawless service, exquisite specialties and sensual spaces, the restaurants and bars of Desire Pearl Resort & Spa await you and your couple so that you can enjoy more deliciously erotic experiences in every bite and sip.

Pearl is the name of our gourmet aphrodisiac fusion restaurant that makes Desire Pearl Resort & Spa more unique. Here we have created a perfect menu to offer the most delicious meals of international cuisine, with ingredients that are recognized as the most aphrodisiac ones, such as shellfish, chocolate, strawberries, to name a few.Surrender to the most exquisite experiences while you enjoy a glamorous dinner in our paradise-like Pearl, that harmonizing perfectly with the magic of our clothing optional resort, will seduce your palate in every bite.

Open for:
À la carte dinner from 6:00 pm. to 10:00 pm.
Dress code for dinner: Elegant- Men wear long pants, sleeved and collared shirts. Men’s sandals are not accepted. Women wear sensual night outfits.
Late snack from 11:00 pm. to 5:00 am.
No reservations required.

Aphrodite, our international restaurant features a fascinating atmosphere that will delight your senses. Having been designed with the most modern décor and accents in white and blue shades, every corner of the venue harmonizes with the beauty of the setting that faces the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.With your comfort on mind, a buffet bar line gives you the extra room that can make the difference. Aphrodite serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and you will find a delicious option in every meal. Choose your favorites from our buffets or order the specialties of your preference from our à la carte menus.

Discover a delicious array of international dishes that are carefully prepared with the freshest ingredients and let our chef take you through a journey of flavors while you enjoy the sensuality of the place that will set the perfect mood for the most delightful sensations.

Open for:
Breakfast buffet from 7:00 am. to 11:00 am.
Lunch à la carte & buffet from 12:00 pm to 4:30 pm.
Dress code: Casual.
Dinner from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.
Dress code for dinner: Sensual elegant- Ladies: Revealing outfits and gentlemen: No shorts, sleeveless shirts or men’s sandals.
No reservations required.

Our new culinary concept JADE brings the long desired taste for Japanese cuisine to the Caribbean. This unique, romantic hotspot at Desire Pearl Resort & Spa is located just above Aphrodite with an incredible ocean view, providing an intimate yet mystical atmosphere for a night of sensual sushi and martinis with your lover.Our sushi chefs are known for utilizing only the freshest ingredients while preparing their dishes for you, our distinguished guests. Reserve JADE, the perfect place to experience a world of seductive, succulent Japanese cuisine, where we will cater to your every desire…

Open for: Dinner, from Wednesday to Saturday from 6:30 pm. to 10 pm.
Sushi & Martini Bar
Dress code: Smart Casual.
Reservations required.

Romance has never been taken so far. Make your reservations for a superb steak or lobster candlelight dinner served on the beach at our gazebo. Enjoy the sounds of the waves and see the stars during this memorable experience. The Romantic Dinner by the Sea is not part of our All-inclusive packages, it will appear as an extra charge into your account and it is a must-try at Desire Pearl Resort & Spa.From 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Agave Lobby Bar has the most ideal mix of intense sensations and refreshing tastes awaiting you and your partner. At Agave, you will find a variety of cocktails that along with the most casual, sensual atmosphere will delight all of your senses as a perfect reminder you are at Desire Pearl Resort & Spa. Right outside our disco, this bar is the perfect spot to socialize with other couples, spend delicious moments with your significant other and quench that thirst for a passionate night.

No matter what your idea of perfection is, the moments you will spend with your partner in “LUSH POOL BAR” our bar will surely fulfill all of those desires. Framed by the mesmerizing views of the Caribbean Sea enjoy the most refreshing drinks and the company of your significant other as you surrender to the sensual environment that Lush will surround you with. Discover the secrets that our attentive and friendly bartenders have for each one of their cocktails and fall in love more and more with this inciting spot of Desire Pearl Resort & Spa in every sip.Open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The Jacuzzi Lounge & Wet Spot Bar at Desire Pearl Resort & Spa features a delicious, clothing optional environment. This is the perfect spot to relax with your partner in the hot tub, rest in a cozy bed around the Jacuzzi, tan in the bright Caribbean sun and enjoy the fun company of the other guests.The outdoor showers and circular walls that open to a panoramic view of the hotel, also offer a glance of the turquoise sea and the vegetation that surrounds Desire Pearl.

The Jacuzzi Lounge & Wet Spot Bar brings you and your partner the most erotic fun. Enjoy the sensual touch that this clothing optional wet bar will give to every sip of your favorite drink in the company of your favorite person. This is the place where the fun never ends and the naughty atmosphere goes perfectly with our vast variety of cocktails making it the perfect place to let go of inhibitions and be wild!

Open from 1:00 pm to 3:00 am

At the Night Club and Sin Room Obsession when the night comes, Obsession awaits with the formula to make your most forbidden fantasies come to life. Desire Pearl Resort & Spa features Obsession, a unique disco where you can enjoy the most sensual rhythms of the Mexican Caribbean, and DJ’s music as well as the most deliciously erotic atmosphere. Prepare your body for a night filled with passion at our clothing optional resort and surrender to all what “Obsession” will bring to your night. Make it your addiction every night, only here you and your partner will find the perfect scene to let your imagination fly so that your dreams can feel as real as your passion and your most forbidden fantasies. Every night, the most pleasurable experiences await you only at Desire Pearl Resort & Spa.And in the privacy of the couples only Sin Room, passion truly rules the night. This room is exclusive for guests, because only guests know what happens inside. Decorated with dark windows, lounge beds, the Sin Room is the place where the wildest part of your vacation happens.

Open from 9:00 pm to 2:00 am.

Enjoy complete Room Service menus from the privacy of your own room 24 hours a day. Snuggle up for breakfast in bed, have a delicious lunch in the late afternoon or simply plan a romantic night in with your favorite companion.

With a room service fee of 10 USD, except for the Penthouse and Premier.


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