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Casa Margarita

Casa Margarita is a boutique hotel in Cancun, Mexico. Set in a classic Mediterranean style mansion, Casa Margarita is a majestic property for lifestyle vacationers looking for an elegant getaway. Each guest is given personalized service from the attentive staff and Casa Margarita goes the extra-mile to exceed expectations. A personal chef is available for an extra fee and guests can relax by the crystal clear waters while the discreet staff takes care of every craving and desire.

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Truly a place of luxury, Casa Margarita includes an outdoor pool and Jacuzzi, lush, spacious gardens, and a private dock for yachts and catamarans. Guests will feel like they’ve stepped into another time and place when they stay at Casa Margarita. From the attentive, personalized service, to the grand, elegant setting, guests will hardly want to leave this lavish home away from home.

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