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Freedom Acres

A clothing-optional swingers resort, Freedom Acres: The Resort in San Bernadino, California is perfect for couples looking to get away from their hectic lives, and vacation in a place where they have the freedom to truly be themselves. Freedom Acres is for the true naturalist, who wants to not only wants to let loose with their body, but let loose with nature. Unlike other resorts, Freedom Acres is a rustic RV and cabin resort. Accommodations range from hook-up RV spots, semi-dry, and dry camping. Freedom Acres abuts a beautiful National Forest, guaranteeing beautiful views for every guest, and sometimes a spectacular wildlife visitor.

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Live DJs, pool games, and hot, sexy couples and singles – that is what you will experience at Freedom Acres. There are two heated pools, two Jacuzzis (indoor and outdoor), steam room, sauna, plethora of sports/fitness areas, and a BYOB bar and restaurant.

Freedom Acres is a great place to truly get away from it all. Located in beautiful southern California, this resort is ideal for snowbirds, or travelers looking to add excitement to their trip. Escape the everyday hustle and bustle by spending a few days (or weeks) at Freedom Acres.
General InformationAccommodationsDiningSwing Club

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