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Spa Treatments

The Spa at Desire Resort is a pampering world where you get therapeutic massages and beautifying treatments that will rejuvenate and revitalize your body. In the midst of lush vegetation, the spa of our clothing optional resort emerges as a haven for the stimulation of the mind, body and soul. With a rather erotic approach, the spa at Desire Resort provides an ideal blend of relaxation and sensuality. Drawing on a fusion of time-honored Mayan and Asian traditions, Desire’s spa promotes the use of aromatic oils, herbs and essences to awake all your senses every time. The expertise of highly trained therapists ensures an array of pleasing sensations at the spa of Desire Cancun where you will be totally in tune not only with yourself but also with your partner. The spa at our clothing optional resort enables you to either indulge in some precious ‘me’ time or enjoy treatments with your middle half for a perfect way to heighten your passionate stay at Desire.

Sensitive (Body Treatments)
Land of Desire (80min)

An exuberant body wrap designed to soften the skin, that contains antioxidants, minerals and silk, which contribute to enhancing the condition of skin that has been damaged by the environment leaving a soft, shiny appearance. This treatment is the perfect choice after prolonged exposure to the sun.

Passion Herbs (120 min)
A sensual and aromatic ritual that will transport you to a world of shear pleasure. This treatment begins with a relaxing herbal wrap, followed by a sweet honey exfoliation and ends with a sensual oriental massage.

Sexy Mermaid (80 min)
A seaweed based treatment that includes trace elements ideal for body detoxification, including sea salts. At the end of the treatment a marine mask will be applied in the form of a wrap and sealed with a specialized lotion.

Muse (30 min)
A specialized treatment designed to free the body of dead skin cells by means of exfoliation, leaving the skin soft and shiny. Ideal for people who enjoy sun bathing, this treatment is recommended before sun exposure. The final step is the application of a delicious hydrating lotion.

Sexy Diva (80 min)
This body treatment includes the use of aloe, hydraulic acid and minerals. This is highly hydrating and will improve the quality of skin. As a finishing touch, a cream with sparkles will be applied leaving you shiny and provocative, waking your couple’s desires.

Exotic (Massages)
Serenity (50 or 25 min)

A traditional Swedish massage, utilizing soft pressure manipulation, promoting a state of total relaxation and restoration of energy to the body.

Vigor (50 or 25 min)
A massage utilizing medium to deep pressure, with the objective of working the most internal muscle fibers where muscle contractures are generated, usually causing chronic pain. This treatment is ideal for people who love massages and receive them on a regular basis.

Stones of Passion (50 min)
An extraordinary massage that is popular worldwide for its increasing health and wellness capacities. A combination of manipulations that are choreographed with the application of hot stones generates a magnificent sensation of relaxation and release of stress.

Land of Desire (50 min)
Massage that combines the benefits of a sedative plant based therapy, with flowers and thermic mud, all applied with therapeutic and lymphatic massage techniques. This treatment will leave your skin hydrated and nourished, as you enjoy the effects of a pleasurable, detoxifying massage.
Mud: Chamomile, Peppermint, Rose.

Essential Love Oil (50 min)
An essential oils ritual, combined with a massage, designed to aid in different therapeutic necessities. This massage is designed for relaxation, and in addition offers curative effects due to the essential oils that are utilized.

The Perfect Back (25 min)
A massage, utilizing medium to deep pressure, works the muscle fibers of the spinal column. This massage was designed to release tension and better circulation, by relaxing the muscles in the shoulders and back.

Royal – 4 Hands (50 or 25 min)
An incredible, choreographed massage, in which 2 therapists work in a synchronized fashion to stimulate both hemispheres of the brain and equalize the senses. In many cases the 4 hands massage is considered to be the optimum choice, due to the physiological benefits that are provided by having two therapists.

Reflexology (25 min)
A delicious foot massage, utilizing acupressure on certain points, to better organ function. This treatment includes a foot exfoliation and a vigorous foot massage.

Sensual Desire (50 min)
A soft and exciting neurocutaneous massage.
*Couples Only.

Erotic Ritual (50 min)
An exclusive ritual, specially designed for our guests, where you will indulge in a world full of magical and erotic sensations. This provocative massage will awake that intimate desire between you and your partner in a universe of warm and pleasurable emotions.
*Couples Only.

Subtle (Facial Treatments)
Sexy O (50 min)

A facial therapy, which utilizes oxygen and active hydrants, for optimum skin benefits in a specialized treatment that is perfect for dehydrated skin due to sun exposure and environmental contaminants. Swiss technology products are utilized in this facial.
Ideal for clients of any age and or skin type.

Radiant Youth (80 min)
Treatment utilizing specialized active ingredients, which promote the production of collagen and elastin.This treatment is ideal for demanding customers that take care of their appearance and enjoy a relaxing experience at the same time.

Radiant Desire (50 min)
A deep cleansing facial extraction, designed to eliminate skin damage due to mixed or greasy skin types. In addition to ozone, specialized products will be applied to equalize the skin, as well as a lymphatic massage helps to block new toxins.

Exotic (50 min)
A sophisticated facial treatment utilizing a prestigious cosmetic line where you will receive marvelous active benefits, regenerators, nourishing and calming hydrants all applied throughout a choreographed facial massage that will leave you in a state of total relaxation.

The Perfect (50 min)
A special facial designed to minimize impurities found in men’s skin. We will utilize calming and hydrating products to help with that feeling of dryness, which will totally enhance the skin’s appearance. A vapor extraction will be used if necessary.

Express (40 min)
A facial with highly active hydrating ingredients that will improve the skin’s quality. This facial is ideal for younger skin, reducing the appearance of skin damage caused by the environment. Includes: basic cleaning, toning, exfoliation and a facial mask.

Deluxe (80 min)
Sensational effects, giving you a younger, healthier appearance due to it´s active base, snake venom 4% will notably witness an improvement in facial expression lines, as well as it´s prevention against premature aging due to the active ingredient, resveratrol.

Exotic Packages
Desire Purification (2 hrs)

– 30 minute Serenity Massage.
– Body exfoliation (Muse).
– Facial treatment with deep cleansing.
(Radiant Desire)

Magnificent Refuge (3 hrs)
– Passion stone massage.
– Body Wrap (Land of Desire).
– Sexy O Facial.

Manicure Spa Exotic
A relaxing treatment for the hands, which combines peace with beauty.
This manicure includes a soft arm massage.

Pedicure Spa Exotic
An incredible treatment designed to relax your feet through the application
of a stone massage. We will leave your feet soft and beautiful.



The Fantasy Menu

Desire Resort & Spa is the place to make all your desires come true. You fantasize about it…we’ll make it happen!

Private Romantic Dinner By The Beach

What is the fantasy like?

Live the passion and allow yourself to be carried away by the sensuality of this private romantic Dinner for 2. Under the moonlight with the stars as the only witness of that magic moment… Experience this unique time with your loved one toasting with Sparkling Wine and delighting yourself with our 4-course dinner while you feel the magnetism of our mystic beach. You won’t forget it!

• 1 Bottle of Sparkling Wine
• 4-Course dinner by the beach

Sex On The Beach

What is the fantasy like?

Is there a scenario on this world sexier than the beach? We doubt it… Having a pleasure time, under the moonlight and the stars, is a fantasy that now you can make true! We’ll prepare the perfect love bed with hot music and the exact details that will turn it into the time of your life… Enjoy with your couple a bottle of Sparkling Wine and strawberries with chocolate… The most erotic appetizer for the sexiest moment!

• 1 Love bed
• 1 Bottle of Sparkling Wine
• Strawberries with chocolate

Foursome Erotic Massage

What is the fantasy like?

The ultimate Desire Experience is this hot and totally erotic Fantasy brought to reality… It is moment to go beyond the limits and feel the lifestyle´s essence with our Foursome Erotic Massage. We give you the intimacy of our comfortable Spa Jacuzzi to warm things up, then you’ll get an amazing 50 minutes Erotic Massage for 2 Couples, (you and another couple that wants to share this erotic experience) All this with some sparkling wine to make a toast for such an unforgettable moment.

• Private Jacuzzi cabin at our SPA
• 2 Bottles of Sparkling Wine
• 50 min Erotic massage for 2 couples at the Spa

The Gazebo of Passion Dinner and Sex

What is the fantasy like?

Enjoy the most private, delicious and erotic dinner at our unique gazebo where you will be accompanied by the sounds of ocean waves, the moonlight and the sea breeze, the perfect setting to let your passion run wild. As the natural backdrop of the quiet Caribbean Sea will heighten your senses, you will be seduced in every moment.

• A 4-course meal
• Delicious Sparkling Wine
• Sensual recorded music
• “Love beach Bed”, chocolate, strawberries or the sweets of your preference

Lights, Camera, Action!

What is the fantasy like?

Capture those deliciously erotic moments! Immortalize the sensuality that reigns between you and your partner in a moment that will last for a lifetime! Have you ever fantasized about being filmed during your most intimate moments? Our professional, discrete videographer can record you, enjoying a passionate rendezvous with your partner.

This video can take place in the most sensual setting of your choice, either in your suite, the beach, the disco, or the Jacuzzi Lounge at hours it is not being used, you can go crazy and have this fantasy fulfilled!

• The guidance of our professional videographer (That will make you feel like a pro while making this fantasy of yours come true)
• A DVD with full editing!

Seductive and Exciting

What is the fantasy like?

Are you celebrating a special occasion like a birthday or just feeling like trying something different to get you and your partner or group in the mood? Look no further! Our finest strippers will do the trick. What a better way to spend the night than sipping your favorite drink and being well taken care of by a sexy dancer? Let us turn this night into one you will not want to forget!
* It can take place in your bedroom or our play room during the day time.

• 1 Male or Female stripper + Sparkling Wine

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